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Privacy Statement

Thank you for visiting the Abbey Fence & Deck, Co., Inc. (“Abbey Fence & Deck”) website and/or using Abbey Fence & Deck’s services. We are committed to maintaining your online privacy and make every effort to ensure that your rights are protected. These guidelines are subject to change without prior notice. It is therefore recommended that you refer back to them periodically.

Policy Overview. This Notice tells you our policies regarding:

  • The kinds of personally identifiable information we collect;
  • How we use that information;
  • The nature, frequency and purpose of any disclosure we may make of that information and the types of persons and entities to which the disclosure may be made;
  • The period during which we will keep that information;
  • The choices available to you regarding collection, use and disclosure of that information, including the times and place at which you may have access to that information; and
  • Certain rights you may have regarding that information.

Personally Identifiable Information

Information is “personally identifiable” if it can be used to identify or contact an individual, such as his or her name and address or telephone number. It also includes information that links data about an individual’s activities or history to that individual, such as the combination of the individual’s name with the fact that he or she purchased a specific product online, so that someone else with access to the combined information could learn that the named person bought the particular item. Information that does not permit an individual to be identified or contacted and that does not permit information about his or her activities or history to be linked to him or her is not “personally identifiable information.” Among other things, this means that if we separate data about your activities from your name or other data that identifies you, then that data is no longer “personally identifiable information.” For example, we might compile data we have about our Abbey Fence & Deck broadband internet customers into aggregate or other anonymous forms, such as the monthly average number of customers who use the service to visit travel-related websites.

Our policies described in this Notice apply to personally identifiable information about you that you furnish to us or that we otherwise collect in the course of providing you with one of our services. Those policies apply to such information whether we obtain it “online” (such as when you subscribe for services on a website we operate) or “offline” (such as when you subscribe for our service using the telephone or a paper order form). Some of our services, including our internet access service allow you to interact with companies and individuals that are independent of Abbey Fence & Deck. By using those services, you may enable these companies or individuals to independently learn personally identifiable information about you. The policies in this Notice do not apply to personally identifiable information or other information that you provide to any of these third parties or that they collect independently of us. These third parties may not be obligated to comply with Abbey Fence & Deck’s privacy policies. They may have their own privacy policies, but Abbey Fence & Deck is not responsible or liable to you if such third parties do not have appropriate policies or if they fail to follow those policies.

The Kinds of Personally Identifiable Information We Collect and How We Use It.

In order to provide our services to you, we keep business records that contain personally identifiable information about you, including but not limited to the following:

  • Your name, home and work e-mail and postal addresses, and telephone numbers;
  • Depending on the services we provide to you, information on the number, location within your home and configuration of modems, personal computers, telephones or other service-related equipment or devices in your home;
  • Maintenance and repair records for the equipment in your home used for the services;
  • The services and service options you select and, in the case of any service where you have a choice of whether or not to use a particular feature, program or offering, the information transmitted through our facilities or that you otherwise communicate to us in order to make a choice;
  • Information about your satisfaction or usage of a service that we obtain from subscriber interviews or questionnaires or other feedback from you;
  • A record of whether you rent or own your home so that we can obtain any permission required prior to installing our equipment;
  • Subscriber correspondence (via e-mail or otherwise);
  • A record of any violations and alleged violations of the agreements, terms, conditions or policies that govern your use of our services; and
  • Other information that we need to render a service to you or conducting our business of providing that service.

In general, we use this personally identifiable information as necessary to render our services to you, to detect unauthorized reception of cable communications and for tax, legal, accounting and other purposes related to our business of providing our services to subscribers, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • To make sure you are being billed properly and pay for the services you receive;
  • To send you pertinent announcements about the Abbey Fence & Deck services you receive;
  • To improve the quality of Abbey Fence & Deck’s services;
  • To answer questions from subscribers such as troubleshooting; and
  • To send promotional material or information to you about other products and services available from Abbey Fence & Deck or others, subject to applicable law and any “opt-out” choice you make as described in this Notice.

We may also combine personally identifiable information that we obtain from you in the course of our business of providing a service to you with personally identifiable information that we obtain from third parties for the purpose of creating an enhanced personal database to use in marketing and other activities.

Use of Cookies

The Abbey Fence & Deck website does use cookies. For those sections of the website that process a credit card, survey or other transaction, cookies may be used to ensure the privacy and security of those transactions. Cookies may also be stored for targeted adverting.

Information Collected and Stored Automatically

As a visitor to our site, your IP address is automatically collected primarily to track the number of computers used to visit our site, the pages visited most often, the timeframe used most frequently and other trends. This statistical data is gathered to analyze the information most frequently requested by the public and how Abbey Fence & Deck can best provide it. We destroy the information we collect when the purpose for which it was provided has been fulfilled.

For advertising, the Abbey Fence & Deck website may include a pixel that enables cookies to be saved on visitors devices. These cookies may be used to target ads to those site visitors on third party websites within Hibu’s network. Visit, which explains behavioral targeting in more detail, and will allow you, the site visitor, to opt out of being targeted for any behavioral advertising by any member of the Internet Advertising Bureau, including Hibu.

Personal Information You Provide

If you send us e-mail or fill out forms online that contain personally identifiable information, we use that information only to respond to you or to process the requested transaction. Information may be redirected to another party within Abbey Fence & Deck who may be better able to handle your inquiry. Abbey Fence & Deck does not collect personal information for commercial marketing purposes or disclose that information to third parties unless required by law.

Disclosure of Records

Abbey Fence & Deck is subject to a variety of laws, including actions such as court orders or subpoenas which may require the release of certain information.


Abbey Fence & Deck is concerned with the security of the data we have collected and has in place reasonable measures to prevent unauthorized access to that data. This website uses an SSL certificate with AES 256 bit encryption to secure your personal information being transferred.

Link Policy

This site contains links to other sites. Abbey Fence & Deck is not responsible for the privacy practices or the contents of the sites that link either from or to this site. It is recommended that you review each of their individual privacy policies before providing any personal information.


If you have questions about our Internet Privacy Guidelines, please feel free to write us at:

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